Paul DeMain for State Senate

My Greatest Appreciation and Thank You for your investment Contributions, Your Moral Support and Kindness during the 2014 election cycle. While I did not win this election -- I have formed many new relationships and found people in the 29 Senate District to be an inspiration. I look forward to serving your interest in the future and running across you in the coming months.

Once Again, a Big Migwetch (Thank You)!


LINK TO DeMain/Petrowski Debate Oct. 28th (1HR)



"I care about and will promote opportunities for a quality Public Education for all citizens whether in our cities, urban or rural areas.  I support meaningful Employment and Jobs that put our dollars to work in our local communities, not the pockets of billionaires, and endorse the full Protection of our pristine Resources so our children have a safe and clean environment for the next Seven Generations"

LINK to Marshfield Community TV 21 minute Interview

Paul DeMain has lived in Wisconsin his entire life. Paul is a graduate of Wausau West High School and now lives in Sawyer County near the pristine Chippewa Flowage.

A member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and of Ojibwe descent, Paul has spent his life giving back to his community through political, religious and community-based organizations. Currently the CEO of Indian Country Communications, a communications, publishing and marketing business, Paul understands how to grow a business from the ground up. Indian Country Communications was one of the largest, private sector employers on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Paul knows what it takes to grow the economy in north central Wisconsin. Building his business from a $4,000 investment to a business with gross annual revenues of over $500,000 at its height, Paul understands the needs of entrepreneurs and workers that create self-sustaining employment and revenues that stay in our local communities.

As a father of 4 and grandfather of 12, Paul has a personal stake in Wisconsin’s public education system, both K-12 and continued education. Paul knows that a strong education and good health for our children and grandchildren now will provide Wisconsin with a strong economy in the future. Paul is keenly aware of the need to ensure students of higher education are not buried in debt after graduating and that our public schools function to open opportunities to the growing diversified population they serve.

Paul has been active in the fight to preserve Wisconsin’s natural resources for everyone to enjoy. Maintaining Wisconsin’s rivers and lakes, prairies and forests for future generations to experience and enjoy is important for the community and the future of Wisconsin’s economy. Wisconsin’s wilderness and wonders like Lake Superior's Ice Caves is an enormous job creator, providing tourism jobs and revenue across north central Wisconsin.

 Key Issues and Focus:

Lets Learn to Reach Across the Aisle and Include the Other 49% of Wisconsin in the Discussions!

1. Public Educational Opportunities & Investment


2. Jobs and Employment that benefit Local Communities

Raise the Minimum Wage to at least $10 an hour.

Wisconsin Business, Wisconsin Farmer Contract for Services 1st!


 3. Protection of our Pristine Resources

Clean Water for Future Generations.


4. Allow Women to Choose their own Destiny

Government Mandates (Equal Pay for Equal Work)


5. Building Small Businesses, Rural City Centers

and Northern Wisconsin Infrastructure

Comprehensive Cell and Broadband Service through-Northern Wisconsin.


6. An Equal Playing Field that puts your One Vote

ahead of the Campaign Money of the Billionaires, 

their Advocacy Organizations and Secret Donations.


  Campaign Support info and donations can be sent to Friends of DeMain, 13426W Gurno Lake Road, Hayward, WI 54843.

Donations of $100 or more must have occupation and employer included.


Authorized and Paid for By Friends of Paul DeMain, Sandy Rooney, Treasurer

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